Why Stage?

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The goal is to sell your property and to make a profit. 91% of home buyers search online first to buy a home. Buyers prefer viewing the staged homes, rather than looking at empty rooms. With professional photography you can showcase your property to attract more buyers. Staging can increase the duration of a visit in a home, leading to a higher potential for an offer.

Staging sells your house faster. Staging uses the concepts of scale and color and texture along with strategies to direct the eye toward the highlights and distract from any flaws. Your buyer wants to see a welcoming space. These are concepts to use all over the house when staging to sell. Staging results in a light and spacious energy, with a perception of additional square footage (elevating perceived value) and a tangible design in a new home. Staged homes appeal to a broader market.

Staged library

Staged, cell phone photo not edited

Library photo after edit

Lighting and editing enhance the perspective.

A well staged house projects the image of a well maintained house. Staging can prevent a decrease in the listing price, which can help your ROI. Staging costs are tax deductible.