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Professional Styling for your short term rental property such as an Airbnb or VRBO can make the difference in how lucratively a property performs. Agents who have not done their due diligence and have not professionally styled their units run the risk of losing out to a competitor who has put in the effort. Your clients deserve the best quality while they are away from home.

Short Term Rental

Styling Tips

  • Professional level styling and photography are imperative to be successful. Use a professional stager or stylist who can provide a cohesive plan to style and photograph your property, and use a professional photographer. Compare your listing to similar listings in the area. You don’t want blurry, dingy-looking scenes on your website, or you will hurt your bookings.
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. Remember, you want to avoid being that “creepy place online”. You need high-end lighting, especially for the photographs. Warm white LED bulbs are best. Use editing tools to shine up your photos. The spaces should look clean, warm and inviting.
  • Space equals bookings. The property should say, “Style, Class, Comfort”. Remember to avoid looking crowded. The guests should have room to unpack, spread out and remote in if they need to. The photographs should project, “Aah, Vacation!”.
  • Trends are fun, but use careful judgment. To style spaces, use design-quality, unique decor and luxury quality objets d’art. Avoid looking cookie-cutter in your style. Use restraint in the quantity of decor. You don’t want clutter, either. The goal is to stand out to the online shoppers, so they remember your property.
  • Important items to offer: Full length mirrors, a hat rack, throws and pillows and a shoe rack at the entryway. These are all thoughtful touches that say “Home away from home” and propel you to the top of the list.

See this link from Total Stay for more information on Holiday Letting Property Features:


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